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Melting Experiment.

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

It is never too early (or too late) to foster a genuine scientific interest in young children.

Children are natural born scientists! They try, fall, try again, make hypotheses and deductions, draw conclusions and finally succeed.

For this melting experiment you'll need:

  • those crappy wax crayons that you bought in the thrifty store (save the high quality ones for school)

  • a hairdryer

  • white glue (Pritt glue won't survive the heat)

  • old newspapers

  • a strong cardboard

Glue the crayons to the cardboard, wait till the glue is dry, set them vertically against a wall and protect the surroundings with the newspapers. Start melting the crayons with the hairdryer and see the effect.

Remember to ask questions before, during and after.

- what happens if we melt the crayons?

- what can you see?

- are there any colours that melt faster?

- what will happpen when we stop melting them? etc....

and use scientific vocabulary:

- predict, plan, propose, transform, explain, give reasons and many more.

You can also prepare a 'paper' with the description of the experiment. If your kids can't read or write yet you can create it for them and then read it aloud.

Have fun,


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