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This is what I can do.


 I can teach you how to teach. 

We will create lesson plans together and we will understand how to measure and evaluate your teaching performance.

Do you need to increase your students' attention? How to keep them engaged and focused?

We will discuss about CONSTRUCTIVE ALIGNMENT and the reason why it is paramount for your classes.

You will become a teacher who teaches in a student-centered environment not a person who enters the classroom and informs students about stuff.


For professionals + students

Struggling for the 6.5 or 7 score at IELTS?

Most of the students I have met over the past few years failed at IELTS or CPE just because they made some naive mistakes.

You are in safe hands now.


For families + individuals

I totally understand you. I had always had hard times at school only to discover some years ago that I am slightly dyslexic and severely dyscalculic.

This is the reason why I devoted my teaching career in helping students who have some Learning Disability.

Together we will evaluate your situation and discover how you learn. We will analyze your studying environment and I may give you some useful advice.

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